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Light Pink Roses


To use my education, experience, and skills to connect art and people, and to work towards an art world that is equitable and inclusive.


I strive to lead by example in building a better world, where art, artist, and public are valued, respected, and cared for.


About Me

     My name is Bryn Foreman, and I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. My first exposure to art was at a young age, going to work with my mom at the Indianapolis Art Center, where I learned to develop photos in the darkroom. My mom instilled in me a deep appreciation of art and artistic practices. Growing up in a single-parent household wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t until I took an Art History class that I began to see a future for myself. 


     As a young adult, I lived in an artist collective in Richmond, Indiana. While there, I was elected co-chair of the collective, and I worked with my housemates to develop a biannual art exhibition in the house. This is where I first tried my hand at curation, and I found the experience deeply rewarding. It was here that I learned that all art is inherently political, and that curation is not exempt. If I was to become a good curator, I must first learn how to be a good person.


     Today I am the director of the Garfield Park Arts Center, where I spearhead programming and oversee exhibitions. In my free time, I love to visit local art galleries, read, practice yoga, and make collages. All of my experiences and achievements tie together with a central theme: my passion for art and activism. I believe that art has the power to build a better world, and I'm committed to using my curatorial practice to create exhibitions that do just that.

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